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I am so very excited that you are here! I congratulate you for taking this first step towards your personal health and growth. No matter how small the step is, it is still a step forward!


Happiness brings you... well happiness! Amongst joy, a sense of elation, good feelings, peace a sense of connection, and even hope of the things that are good. It's that good feeling, satisfaction, enjoyment and connection that we crave and need.

Happiness is an essential element in our lives because it grounds us and brings us back to life's simplest pleasures, and to our true selves. Without it, we lose focus, function, drive, inspiration. motivation, sleep and so much more. If you allow yourself to be unhappy for extensive periods of time... it can be life altering and devastating, not only for you, but for those around you.


Balance is so very important in the way that we as a living being, need to create an eb and flow with life and with who we are... fighting this creates, hardships, disappointment, disconnection and feelings of loss and emptiness.

There is a certain understanding that is needed to achieve the harmony and secure calm that balance brings. It's strength, and a knowing sense of allowing that will help you achieve true balance. Once you do, there is no going back. 

Why Wellness...

I decided to become a wellness coach so that I could help people in all areas of their life. I believe that there is so much of our everyday life,  emotions,  mental, emotional,  physical and environmental that integrates towards the correlation of our health and well being. Everything is connected!

We are complex,  multifaceted beings. We have an intricate dynamic of physical,  mental,  emotional connectors that coordinate to process the multitude of information we are subjected to on a daily basis through sight,  smell,  touch, auditory,  breath,  food,  drink and so on. We live in an age of extreme sensory input, extreme environmental toxins,  food toxins,  toxins in our products from house cleaners,  to beauty products,  to the materials used to build homes,  carpets,  paint, furniture... the list goes on.

Mental illness is on the rise. People are suffering from headaches,  allergies,  anxiety, depression,  pain,  stomach issues. These everyday symptoms all seem to be the common function of our population, even in our young people!

I myself have not escaped experiencing health issues, anxiety and depression,  IBS, Anemia,  Hormonal Dysfunction.  That is what lead me to dig in to find what the causes were and what we can do to safeguard ourselves in this time of extreme dysfunction in our society. To understand what the root causes of auto Immune disease,  Hormonal dysfunction,  Anxiety,  Depression and Gut Health amongst other common symptoms are and what we can do to counteract them and safeguard ourselves,  instead of just applying a band aid.

Our bodies are amazing and when we give our bodies the nutritional support it needs, it is self healing!

However...  Nutritional support alone is not enough. If it were, it would be an easy fix and there wouldn't be such an epidemic of mental illness and diseases. There is a multitude of functions that is needed to achieve true Health and Wellness. Our farming has changed in the last several years and with GMO's and the loss of nutrients in farmland soil, the potency of nutritional value of our live produce is a fraction of what it once was in it's natural state, making supplementation essential. Especially with the rise in prescription medications that we are unnecessarily prescribed.

I have always been fascinated to find an understanding of the root cause to certain symptoms and what the natural elixir was to counteract it. In many cases I discovered a multitude of natural "elixir's" which then drove me to research and study the most effective ways to counter health, mental and emotional issues. I took a year of course studies for my coaching certification with almost 800 hrs of coursework, on top of YEARS of self discovery, diagnosis, research, trial and error and self study.

I am a mother of Four adult kids, and a new grandmother! I am divorced from a 25 year marriage, a relationship of almost 30 years and I have found love again at a completely different adult level that has exceeded everything I could have wished for. However, this took years of self healing, self discovery and learning self love to get to  the place that I needed to be mentally and emotionally.

My own personal struggles in life has lead me to years of research and studies to find the answers. From researching for myself or for a loved one, I have always questioned what I do not understand so that I could understand it. I was never satisfied with vague explanations or directions. I'm dyslexic so I attribute my OCD way of being literal to completely understanding reason and function to the way I process and retain information. It makes it easier for me to remember information, directions etc., if I can understand a concept and function or reasoning behind it. This concept alone has taken me YEARS to understand!

I watch and see so many struggle with overwhelming issues...health, mental, stress, anxiety, fatigue, medications, unhappiness, weight gain, auto immune issues, diabetes etc., and I want to help everyone know that there is a better way and it is very possible to change your life starting now!

I cannot promise to heal complex medical conditions or extreme mental health issues, but I can help you find and improve the quality of your life, of your health, of your happiness, function and ability to not only survive but THRIVE and to regain control of your life, your health and your happiness so that you are empowered to have the knowledge and the tools necessary to reach a life of happiness and health!

Start your Journey Now...

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